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The big and little reveal season is one of the most exciting times in your sorority membership. The buzz and excitement from the women leading up to that day and during the reveal is always so heartwarming. All chapter members are happy to see the big and little reveals whether they have been chosen to be a big or not. But, with the big and little relationship comes responsibilities. When you become a big you want to make sure you are going into the relationship with the mindset that you are a mentor for your little. You, as the big, should be able to show your little the ropes, guide them when they have questions and be their shoulder to lean on. While big and little reveal is exciting because you get to shower your little with gifts and notes to show your affection and excitement, gifts are not the only way to bond with your little. Take a look at easy ways to grow your big and little relationship below.

1. Weekly Check-Ins

I made it a personal resolution to be better at checking in with my friends throughout the year. This simple resolution has allowed me to grow a lot closer to all of my friends and my little. It doesn’t have to be a super long message, you can just send a simple “Hey, how is your week going?” With that simple text you can open up the gates of communication and find out all the details about what they are going through. Plus, if they mention that they have a test coming up or a paper due you can message them that day and wish them luck!

2. Study Dates

 Keeping a focus on academic goals is the most important thing in college. That is why you are there, everything else is just a fun add on. So, why not study and bond at the same time? Invite your little over for study dates as often as you want. Having someone with you can help motivate you to finish out the work and not burn out! This also gives you and your little a chance to talk about life and school, and offers them a chance to seek advice from you without it feeling awkward. You can also keep each other accountable for getting your work done on time.

3. Choose a Show to Watch Together

 Find a show that you both like and make a pact to watch it together. The best type of show would be one that comes out with a new episode every week to give you a chance to meet up each week. You guys can make a whole event of it by ordering or making dinner for the two of you. Watch the show and then spend time after talking about it and sharing your theories for the next episode. Bonus, if you aren’t able to meet in person you can still watch on select streaming sites like Netflix where you can have a watch party, so it will be like the two of you can still be together.

4. Invite them to hang out with you and your friends

When you hang out with your friends or fellow sisters, consider inviting your little as well. This will give you a chance to bond with your little because she will get to see you in your natural, relaxed state and she will get to know you even better. This will also give your little the opportunity to bond with the other sisters.

These are just a few ideas to help grow your big and little bond that I hope you find helpful. The main way to bond is all about communication. The key to any relationship, whether friendship or dating relationship is communication. You cannot have a healthy or strong relationship if you do not learn how to communicate or learn the way the other person communicates. These simple ideas can open the door to all different kinds of ways to strengthen your bond.

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