Diversity in the Sorority Community

The Panhellenic community is facing the reality of racism within the sorority community. The NPC Board of Directors has begun work to address the systems and norms within that have historically benefited and centered the experiences of white women and women of privilege in addition to other access and equity concerns.

Three Considerations for Addressing Racism in the Panhellenic Community

2019-21 NPC Chairman Carole Jones shares thoughts and considerations for racism in the Panhellenic community.

Thoughts from Sorority Women

My Life as an Asian Sorority Woman

“As an alumna, I want to inspire young minority women who are uncertain of joining a sorority. It impacted my life in so many great ways and I know it can do the same for you.”

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Sorority

Sorority women don’t want you to water yourself down, minimize your history or hide your identities. To hide who you are, or feel pressure to tone/code switch isn’t fair to you. Your history and identity matter to us because it matters to you. More than ever, the women in our organizations want to know you. The real you.

Shaping the Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Efforts of My Chapter

I’ve found the efforts to increase/foster/respect diversity, equity and inclusion in the Panhellenic community to create more solidarity and kindness between sorority women.

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