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On the outside looking in, fraternity and sorority life can look like one big party. It is true that being a sorority woman is a lot of fun, and there is an emphasis on spending time doing fun activities with sisters. We want members to enjoy their experience as a sorority woman. But, along with the social events and Bid Day celebrations and intramural sports activities, involvement in a sorority also provides opportunities to prepare members for life after college. Here are a few ways joining a sorority can help college women prepare for the future.

Sororities offer numerous opportunities for leadership development.

Not only can members hold leadership positions in their chapter and in the fraternity and sorority life community, but national organizations regularly hold conferences that focus on helping collegiate grow as leaders in their organizations and the world. They teach valuable skills to help women become the best versions of themselves.

Sororities reinforce the importance of accountability.

In order to stay in good standing with their chapters, members have to keep on top of their dues, maintain a certain grade point average and regularly attend events. Sororities hold members accountable by making sure they are a positive influence in the chapter and aren’t just showing up for the fun stuff and taking advantage of all the experience has to offer.

Sororities teach members how to interact and work with a diverse group of people.

Some sorority chapters are home to over 100 members, and even in smaller chapters, members are guaranteed to have a sister from a different background or a sister who has a different perspective than their own. By bringing together women from different cultural, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds, we reinforce the importance of learning to work with people who see the world differently. Members have the opportunity to have their views challenged and learn more about the world. These new interactions help create well-rounded members who are more caring and empathetic toward others. It also prepares them for a career full of meeting new people with diverse perspectives.

Sororities instill the value of giving back.

Every one of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) organizations is affiliated with at least one philanthropic organization, and part of being a member of a sorority is working to give back to that organization. In addition, members volunteer with organizations in their local communities by doing hands-on service activities. Sororities instill the importance of philanthropy and service by creating opportunities for members to give back to their organizations’ philanthropy, and by encouraging members to be leaders in their chapters.

Sororities help members learn balance and time management.

College students have to juggle a lot of responsibilities already, and being in a sorority brings even more commitment into the mix. Not only must sorority women make time for studying, attending class and spending time with friends and family, they also have to balance all of that with attending events, keeping up with dues and making time for themselves to relax and unwind. By learning how to balance many responsibilities in college, sorority women are already set up for success balancing all that comes with adulthood.

There are so many other ways our organizations help women grow that aren’t included on this list. We know that as parents and caregivers you want your student to focus on their studies and prepare for their futures. Know that by being a part of a sorority, your child is learning skills that will benefit them in college and beyond.

Written by Danielle McNary

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