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A parent constantly worries about their children.

They worry about the academic success of their children or if they will follow the expectations set for them. Once their child goes to college, parents aren’t there to keep their child accountable anymore. Luckily sorority can provide continued accountability. 

Sorority members are expected to uphold the policies, values and expectations of her member organization and National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

These policies are in place to help promote the safety and growth of all members. Each chapter may set different standards such as GPA requirements and paying all chapter dues. During collegiate membership, a member will be kept accountable for this by chapter members, chapter officers and chapter advisors, who can also provide resources should she ever need them.

When a member doesn’t uphold expectations her sisters are there to remind her and help keep her accountable.

If a member does not meet the requirements set for her, she is often reported to the chapter judicial officer for review. Now, that sounds a lot scarier than it is so let’s break it down. 

Judicial, or sometimes referred to as standards, is the chapter officer who is elected to keep members accountable. She is the person assigned to know the chapter bylaws, policies and procedures and the expectations of the national organization. If a member falls below a certain requirement, a report is filled and the judicial officer will be in contact with the member to set up an in-person meeting. During this meeting, the judicial officer will listen to the member and they will discuss the situation at hand. Most often the judicial chair provides steps that the member must take to get back in good standing and may give restrictions until the member has taken those steps. 

Often the judicial chair is striving to help the member be successful in all areas of her life. These meetings are to provide assistance to a member who might need it while also keeping them accountable to uphold the standards they agreed to. 

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