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While the portrayal of living in a sorority house is usually a never-ending party or sleepover, living in a chapter facility is an invaluable experience.

But, what exactly does it look like to live in a sorority facility? It’s actually very similar to living in a dorm, and sometimes the sorority housing facility is a dorm. They can range between 5 women and 400 occupants, and almost every facility has a facility director or a university-staffed resident assistant (RA). Some have built-in kitchens with a chef, while others have access to the university dining halls. Chapter facilities may look different between universities, but if given the opportunity, it’s an experience you’ll want to have!

Living in a sorority house has many benefits, including:

Fun Activities

Great Conversations

Study Buddies


Fun Activities

When Hallmark rolls out the holiday movies in November or if there’s a Harry Potter movie marathon on Freeform, you can guarantee that the tv room will always be full. Or, if there is a fun event coming up, you can bet someone is in the basement crafting. Nothing is better than coming home and watching fun movies or crafting with your sisters, especially if you’ve had a particularly rough day. Even on the days when you feel homesick, there’s a comfort knowing that you can come home to a house full of sisterhood & support.

Great Conversations & Connection

On days when you just need someone to talk to, there’s always someone who will listen. Being surrounded by sisters gives you the ability to have meaningful, authentic conversations when you need them most. Even a nice check-in with your facility director is often needed! The point is, you’re never alone when you live in a sorority facility and at times it can be quite comforting. You’ll begin to feel a deeper connection with your sisters just by living with them and talking to those you might have never had the opportunity to talk to.

Live-In Tutors & Study Buddies

Chances are, several of your sisters will be in the same classes or have taken the classes on your schedule. I can’t count the number of times I found myself studying with a group of sisters for an upcoming test in our facility’s basement, or going over flashcards with our facility director at the dinner table. When you live in the facility, one of the perks is you have the opportunity to have the ultimate study group living with you. It’s highly likely that there will be a favorite study area within your facility where you can always find a sister working. It’s nice to get out of your room and walk a few steps to join a study group, rather than trek through the snow or rain to get to the library.

Celebrating the Highs and Supporting the Lows

It’s funny how a sense of family builds when people live together. When you live with someone, you get to see it all; the highs and the lows. One night you might be waiting anxiously for your sister to come home because you know she aced a test she studied all night for. Another day might be filled with support and hugs when a sister finds out her family dog passed away due to old age. No matter what, there is always someone home to help you get through the highs and the lows of life. 

If you value your privacy, I can assure you that everything listed above is optional to partake in. I spent many nights in my room, studying at my desk because I knew if I roamed the facility I would surely want to do a fun activity with my sisters rather than write a paper. Living in a sorority facility provides you with a unique experience that you won’t ever have again. You’re surrounded by sisters, make amazing memories and come back with an experience you’ll remember forever.

Written by Alicia Cauthen

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