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Sorority recruitment is designed to help sorority women find the sorority that fits best for them. After participating in recruitment, you might be wondering what happens next or how you will know if you have been extending a membership invitation. At the end of recruitment, each NPC sorority participates in Bid Day. This signifies the end of recruitment and is when invitations to membership are extended.  

What happens during Bid Day?

Once invitations to membership have been extended, the women extended a bid, attend a celebration hosted by their sorority. The activities during Bid Day will look different from chapter to chapter, but the goal is to be a celebration that welcomes new members to the fraternity/sorority community. Bid Day always brings about a lot of joy and excitement as the initiated members of a sorority welcome home their new sisters. It is a time to celebrate the connections and friendships made during recruitment.

During Bid Day celebrations, some organizations will plan activities for new members and initiated members to get to know one another. This is a great time to introduce yourself to your new chapter members and get to know them. You will learn more about the organization and its history during the new member process before you are initiated, but for now, celebrate this exciting time with your sisters.

In addition to the fun activities, some organizations might provide some much-needed information. They might share more about when upcoming events are, introduce you to chapter members and leadership, how you pay your dues and more.

No matter what, this is a time to be excited about finding your new home on campus!

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