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We all join clubs and campus organizations to become more involved in college and make friends. Many women join a sorority for the same concept; to make new friends and be more involved on campus. But there are deeper reasons why women join a sorority.

Coming from a family of fraternity and sorority life members, I was already interested in joining a sorority since I was in high school. This was because my parents told me the benefits and opportunities a sorority would provide for me by the time a graduated college. Not only did I want to make friends, but I also wanted to be a part of something bigger. I joined a sorority to become a leader and lead women to become a better version of themselves.

Now the question is, why do you want to join a sorority? Maybe it’s for networking or service opportunities. Maybe you’re looking for a space full of women who support each other. Maybe you don’t really know why yet. Let me walk you through how I found my why.

The Desire to Develop Leadership Skills

I knew that developing leadership skills would provide many benefits in my professional career but joining a campus club didn’t feel like the right place for personal development. I knew through my sorority experience that I would develop the leadership skills that would make me feel confident and prepare for life after college. When I joined my sorority, I was surrounded by a group of powerful women that empowered me! I was encouraged to do things out of my comfort zone and was supported by my sisters along the way.

I held two leadership positions and attended the National Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) Conference, where I learned how to develop my professional and personal skills. Now that I am in the professional world, I utilize my leadership skills to help me become successful in my career.

Get Involved with Community Service

I’ve always had an interest in getting involved and giving back to my local community. Joining a sorority provided me that opportunity, and gave me resources when I didn’t know where to start. Each NPC organization has philanthropy or cause that they support through service. Sorority women raise funds or donate their time and talent to support both national and local organizations. Each year, my alma mater conducted a Relay for Life walk that supported those fighting against all stages of cancer. It was an event I was proud to be a part of and help make a difference in people’s lives.

Philanthropy and service are the purposes of bettering the welfare of others, and that’s another reason why I wanted to join a sorority. I wanted to help make a change in the world and in people’s lives.

Develop a Professional Network

Building a professional network was one of my highest goals throughout college. I knew that if I wanted to land a job right after college, I had to network. Joining a sorority allowed me to gain a whole network of professionals, inside and outside of my career field.

Being a college graduate and looking for jobs was hard enough, but being a college graduate and looking for jobs during a pandemic was even harder. I was scared to go through the struggle of finding work. Luckily, I networked with multiple Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae and connected with a fellow alumna who owned a design and media company. She needed a social media freelancer and hired me on the spot! Not only that, but she introduced me to a whole other network of small business owners who needed social media guidance.

I always thank my sorority for what it has provided me and helped me gain the confidence that I struggled with my entire life. That is why I joined a sorority. That is why I became a sorority woman.

If you’re interested in joining a sorority and are planning on joining one in college, really ask yourself why you want to join. Look at the benefits of membership and consider if they fit into your why.

Written by: Amanda Cruz

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