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Graduating high school and heading off to college is so exciting. You get to meet new people, try new things, learn a lot about life and how to be an adult out on your own. You also have the option to join tons of organizations, including a sorority. We know you’re probably itching to jump in and start college now, but luckily there are ways to prepare yourself in high school for college. No matter where you fall, there are ways you can prepare for college and the sorority experience while still in high school!


The biggest way to prepare yourself for sorority membership is to become more familiar with sorority life. This website is a great place to start! You can start by learning more about the NPC sororities on the campus you’ll be attending. You can find a list of all the organizations here, but not all will be on your campus. Learn more about the recruitment process, what the benefits are, the financial commitment you’re making and learn what the sorority experience has been like for other women. All of this information will help you make the best decision for you and help you feel prepared when recruitment does come around.

Learn About Your Campus

After doing research and learning more about the overall sorority experience, we suggest you visit your campus College Panhellenic website to learn about membership on that campus. You can find out when recruitment is, what chapters are on that campus, how many sorority women there are, what philanthropic and service events they hold, what sisterhood events they hold and more. Find your campus College Panhellenic using the Panhellenic Locator Map.

Some universities and organizations may ask for recommendation letters. If you don’t see anything about them on your College Panhellenic’s website, don’t panic. You can find out more about recommendation letters here.

Sign up for Recruitment

Some colleges and universities will open recruitment while you might still be in high school. Some may not have recruitment until the spring after you’ve started college, so make sure you know what your College Panhellenic’s practices are. If you can, sign up for recruitment! That is one less thing you’ll have to worry about as you prepare for this new journey in your life.


Yes, you studying in high school and keeping your GPA up will help prepare you for sorority. GPA has a huge impact on sorority membership. All sororities have GPA requirements before you join and while you are a member. School should always come first. Scholarship and academic success are very important to sorority women.

Discover Your Values

Knowing and living by your values are a large part of sorority membership. But don’t worry if you don’t know what your values are. We created an exercise here to help you get started discovering your values. Knowing your values will help you decide which sorority on your campus best aligns with your values and help you grow and work on what you care about most.

There are other things you can be doing like signing up for The Sorority Life newsletter if you haven’t already. The biggest thing is learning about the recruitment process and the sorority experience. The more information you have the more prepared you will be when recruitment comes around.

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