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Sororities are values-based social organizations that were originally founded to provide women a space to gather and share common interests, often in times when women were excluded from other campus organizations and activities.

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College-age women banded together to form these women’s-only groups that provided intellectual and social connections with one another. Though things have changed over time, the ideals and desire for strong bonds of friendship and academic connections still remain relevant today.

The desire for friendship and sisterhood is what still drives many women to join a sorority.

Sororities are a place for women to

Gain meaningful lifelong friendships

Develop leadership and professional skills

Be a part of something bigger than themselves

There are 26 inter/national sororities that fall under the umbrella of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

NPC strives to advance the sorority experience by supporting its 26 member organizations. NPC also supports a national network of collegiate and alumnae Panhellenic associations that are crucial to nurturing healthy fraternity and sorority communities.

While NPC sororities have varying creeds and mottos, they are united in striving to provide members with friendship, opportunities for personal development and fun.

Sororities offer members the opportunity to be well-rounded individuals by supporting what is learned in the classroom with relevant life skills.

A sorority operates on the foundation of its values, which determine all actions the organization makes.

These values influence the governance structure of the sorority, missions, ritual, social events, philanthropies and even the daily actions of sorority members. The values are a road map for how members of the sorority can pursue success. Some of the values these groups uphold are intellectual development, leadership, friendship, citizenship and cooperation.

Today’s sororities are built on a foundation of friendship that provides a unique community of support for women.

By encouraging civic engagement and providing academic support, sororities are a proven launch pad for women leaders. Sorority members, through their shared experience, enjoy a sense of belonging, empowerment and personal development.

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