3 Tips to Pump Up Your Social Media Presence Before Recruitment

Social media is reshaping the way chapter members and potential new members share their personalities and connect online even before recruitment begins. Have you ever thought about how your social media platforms are your pre-recruitment profile? Check out these tips and tricks to get your social media accounts recruitment ready.

It’s not uncommon for sorority chapters to look at potential new members’ social media accounts to get a picture of who they may be interacting with during the recruitment process. This is not intended to judge or eliminate potential new members from certain organizations based on their social following, but rather to learn about who their future sisters could be before they meet in person.

This may sound intimidating because of a fear of not knowing what others may think of you based on your social media presence. Instead, it helps to think of your social media presence as your pre-recruitment resume. Your social media profiles may be the first impression chapters on campus will see. You want to be sure that you are showcasing yourself in a way that aligns with who you truly are. 

Start by asking yourself “On my socials, am I showcasing the version of myself that I hope others get to know?” If the answer is yes, that’s great! If not, there’s still time to get your social media accounts ready before recruitment.

“Think of your social media accounts as your pre-recruitment resume. This is the first impression chapters on your campus may receive of you.”

3 Tips to Pump Up Your Social Presence

Use these three tips when reviewing and updating your social media accounts prior to recruitment.

#1 Content Clean Up

The photos you have on your Instagram, the tweets you have on your Twitter, or the videos you have on your TikTok all are a part of your social media resume. A good rule of thumb for recruitment is if a member of a sorority chapter were to search for your name on social media, would the content that appears be who you truly are? 

Sororities (and even future employers) see what you post, so it’s good practice to ensure your posts are professional and that they showcase your best and most-authentic self. 

#2 Don’t Do It for The Gram

It can be easy to fall into the pressures of social media and post pictures to increase your follower count, but are these posts reflective of the true you? Don’t be someone you aren’t on your social media. It is easy to get caught up in the social bubble and fall into the trap of trying to be a “perfect” person online.

During recruitment, you want to be yourself so members can get to know you for who you really are. The same rules apply before recruitment to your social media accounts. Your accounts showcase your personality to your potential sisters, so make sure you are posting images that represent the sister your future friends will get to know. 

#3 Share Your Story

Social media is your way to share what your life is all about, so don’t be afraid to use it to share your story. Do you like volunteering? Are you involved in any organizations outside of academics? What do you do for fun? Share these experiences on your socials to let people know who you are and what you like to do. This can be a great opportunity to expand your social resume and let potential sororities know more about you and your interests! 

Ready, Set, Recruitment!

Sorority recruitment is a time of new opportunities and finding your new home away from home. Your social media platforms allow your future sisters to meet you before the recruitment process even begins. 

Remember your social media accounts give the first impression to the chapters on your college campus, so before recruitment starts, take the time to do a social media refresh so your profile is a true reflection of you, your true personality and your character. Most importantly, in the world of digital connections, don’t be afraid to be YOU! 

Hannah Semler

Hannah Semler is a digital marketing intern at the National Panhellenic Conference from Westfield, Indiana She is a student at Purdue University studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication and a member of Gamma Phi Beta and Purdue Panhellenic Association.

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