Study Abroad: Panhellenic Edition

Imagine getting to travel the world and making amazing friends while you do it.

I went on a week-long trip for spring break to Barcelona and Madrid in Spain as a part of a marketing and sales class. I always knew I wanted to visit Spain because I took Spanish classes in high school and college, so getting to go during my last semester of college with my favorite professors and close friends was the best experience I could have asked for. While we were there, we went sightseeing, took tours of historical buildings and museums, had business visits, took a cooking class, and got to explore the cities.

Because of studying abroad, I was able to meet a group of students that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and we all grew so close during the weeks leading up to the trip. We basically became a family in Spain. Five of those students were other Panhellenic women, who I would not have met if it hadn’t been for this opportunity. It was so special getting to know them and hearing about their sorority experiences.

I remember one day we were all together on the rooftop of Casa Batlló, a famous building in Barcelona, and two of the women on the trip were telling us how they met during sorority recruitment Freshman year and had been best friends ever since. All of the Panhellenic women on the trip shared their stories about recruitment, big little and favorite memories. It will always be something I remember fondly from the trip. We all naturally got along so well. It is always a special thing to become close with members of other sororities because it makes the big Panhellenic community seem smaller and helps us see the bigger picture of Panhellenic life.

Studying abroad during college is an incredible opportunity, especially when you can explore new cities and countries alongside your fellow Panhellenic community members. It’s not just about learning in a new environment; it’s about the connections you make and the shared experiences that bring you closer together. Being able to connect with other Panhellenic members was a bonus of this study abroad trip, and I know that we will all stay close friends because of this experience.

Emma Gill

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