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Find a Home in the Sorority Community

Looking for a community that provides personal development, sisterhood, volunteering and service opportunities? Joining a sorority can provide you all these benefits and more. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about sorority recruitment, membership and sisterhood benefits.

Joining a Sorority Opens up a Lifetime of Membership Benefits

Sorority Provides Community

Finding a community in college matters. Sorority can provide that sense of belonging in a new place. Sorority is about finding a home, lifelong friendships and a family that has your back no matter what.

Sorority Is Accessible

Sorority life welcomes women from all walks of life and values their unique contributions and perspectives. Your valueswhat you stand for and what you want to do in life matters far more than where you come from.

Sorority Lets You Make A Difference in the Lives of Others

Being in a sorority is an invitation to help be an agent of change. It’s a launch pad for personal and career success, an opportunity to make an impact on campus and develop the leadership skills to advocate for causes you care about.

Sorority Is Worth It

Joining a sorority also pays off where it counts – with your future and your career. Sorority women gain access to a vast alumnae network you can draw from for internships and jobs, but they also can help push you out of you comfort zone and encourage you to take advantage of opportunities you might never have considered without their support.

Learn More About Sorority Membership

What is a sorority?

Sororities are values-based social organizations that were founded to provide a space for women to come together when they were excluded from other places on campus.  What do they look like today? Find out below.

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Bringing Your Authentic Self to Sorority

Sorority women don’t want you to water yourself down, minimize your history or hide your identities. To hide who you are, or feel pressure to tone/code switch isn’t fair to you. Your history and identity matter to us because it matters to you. More than ever, the women in our organizations want to know you. The real you.

Is Sorority Right for Me?

Do I want to join a sorority? Is sorority right for me? These are questions every sorority woman has asked herself before joining a sorority.

Meet Sorority Women

Ivy Ndambuki

“Through this internship, I found my passion for advocacy and realized how many more opportunities I could have to help others if I earned a law degree.”

Maythe Amairany Salcedo

“Joining Alpha Delta Pi has given me the opportunity to build my network, grow academically and it has given me the sisterhood of amazing and powerful women.”

Joslyn McGriff

“I had no idea what sorority was or what it meant. Now, I am a better person, daughter, friend and co-worker because of Chi Omega.”

Find Your Campus

Panhellenic Locator Map

Use this map to learn more about what sorority life looks like on your campus and how to register for recruitment. Find contact information and links to website and social media accounts for your school!

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