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Sorority Provides A Sense of Belonging

Relying on Sisterhood for Lifelong Support and Guidance

The transition to college can be hard. For Megan Falk, joining a sorority made the transition easier. Going through recruitment helped her find women to support her and help her develop lifelong skills.

How Sisterhood is Getting Me Through This Pandemic

In light of the pandemic, so much is uncertain, and even going to the grocery store is something we have to think twice about. For Bri Hall, even with these unprecedented times, her sisters have remained a constant support system in a virtual environment.

Feeling Welcomed in My Sorority Through Ritual and Building Relationships

Eden was hesitant to join a sorority until she met sorority women and realized they stand for women’s empowerment, emphasize study skills and know how to make the experience fun for members.

Sorority Can Introduce You to Diverse Women and Ideas and Expand Your View of the World

My Life as an Asian Sorority Woman

As an alumna, I want to inspire young minority women who are uncertain of joining a sorority. It impacted my life in so many great ways and I know it can do the same for you.

Three women standing together smiling

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Recruitment

Sorority women don’t want you to water yourself down, minimize your history or hide your identities. To hide who you are, or feel pressure to tone/code switch isn’t fair to you. Your history and identity matter to us because it matters to you. More than ever, the women in our organizations want to know you. The real you.

Shaping the Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Efforts of My Chapter

Veda Pai became the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer for her chapter. In her role, she is helping shape the future of her Panhellenic community and bring sisters together in solidarity and kindness.

Sorority Women Continuously Strive to Improve the World Around Them

Philanthropy and Service Activities Sorority Women Participate In

Community engagement is a major part of the sorority experience. From volunteering in the local community to raising funds for national organizations, sorority women are making an impact. Learn what types of events and activities members participate in.

Service and Philanthropy Opportunities During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about how sorority women connect and serve their communities. But, it hasn’t stopped the dedication to giving back. Camille N’Diaye, a Delta Gamma member, shares ways to engage in service and philanthropy during a pandemic.

Sorority Can Help Build Skills That Prepare You For Jobs & Internships

Two women sitting at a table talking.

How to Talk About Your Sorority Experience in Job Interviews

Sorority women gain key skills that employers like to see. From holding a leadership position, volunteering, participating on a committee and more. The skills sorority members gain help launch them into successful careers.

Woman dressed in professional clothing in front of the Tri Sigma Headquaters.

How Being in a Sorority Defined My Career Path

Maggie entered college unsure of her future and what she her career goals were. Her sorority experience helped her identify a passion she didn’t know she had. With the support of her sisters, Maggie was able to reach new heights.

Joining a Sorority Made Me a Better Student

When Bri Hall joined a sorority, her sisters helped her find her passion. With their help, Bri became more passionate about her classes and excited about her future.

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