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Now, you have the ability to impact the lives of other young women considering sorority life.

Join us and share how your sorority experience shaped you and prepared you for what came next. We are collecting stories from other sorority women like you to feature on TheSororityLife.Com and in our e-newsletter.

Example Stories

Nimisha's Story
"I thought my various different identities would make it hard for me to find a place where I truly connect with people on a personal level but to my surprise, I found my place where I met my sorority sisters."
Lizzy's Story
"I knew I wanted to run the show. I started interviewing for CEO jobs and got rejected because I had never been a CEO. Men with a similar background or less experience were getting the roles instead."
Kristin's Story
"A friend's daughter committed suicide because she thought she was lesbian. This is what put me over the edge and I knew I had to finish my book."

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